Active Warrants, Recent Executions, & Death Row

Active Warrants:  There are currently 2 active death warrants: 

Cary Michael Lambrix         

  Execution Date: Stayed

Mark James Asay

   Execution Date: Stayed

Click here to visit the Florida Supreme Court Active Warrant Page for more information

Timely Justice Act Certification List: Pursuant to the Timely Justice Act of 2013, the Clerk of the Florida Supreme Court is required to provide a certified list to the Governor of death row inmates who are deemed to have completed (or otherwise waived or allowed the relevant filing deadlines to expire) their State and Federal Appeals.  Upon the Governor's determination that clemency proceedings have also concluded, the Governor has 30 days within which to sign a death warrant.  Click here to view the Florida Supreme Court Clerk's most recent Timely Justice Act Certification List.

Recent Executions:  There has been 1 execution so far in 2016:

Bolin, Oscar Ray

Date of Execution: January 7, 2016

Florida executed a total of 2 people in 2015:

CorrellJerry William 

Date of Offense: 6/30/1985 

Date of Sentence: 2/7/1986

Date of Execution: 10/29/2015

Kormondy, Johnny Shane

            Date of Offense: 7/11/1993

            Date of Sentence: 10/7/1994, 7/7/1999 (resentenced)

            Date of Execution: 1/15/2015


Florida executed a total of 8 people in 2014:

            Date of Offense: 9/24/1992

            Date of Sentence: 4/29/1994

            Date of Exeuction: 11/13/2014

            Date of Offense: 3/3/1994

            Date of Sentence: 6/30/1995

            Date of Execution: 7/10/2014

            Date of Offense: 12/22/1985

            Date of Sentence: 5/8/1987; 10/18/1991 (final resentencing)

            Date of Execution: 6/18/2014

            Date of Offense: 8/27/1990

            Date of Sentence: 11/04/1991

            Date of Execution: 4/23/2014

            Date of Offense: 11/2/1987

            Date of Sentence: 11/9/1988

            Date of Execution: 3/20/2014

            Date of Offense: 2/1/1992

            Date of Sentence: 1/10/1995

            Date of Execution: 2/26/2014

            Date of Offense: 9/11/1995

            Date of Sentence: 11/23/1998

            Date of Execution: 2/12/2014

            Date of Offense: (1) 7/17/1974; (2) 10/12/1980

            Date of Senence: (1) 4/21/1975; (2) 1/20/1983; (final resentencing) 3/12/1996

            Date of Execution: 1/7/2014


Florida executed a total of 7 people in 2013:

            Date of Offense: 10/03/1991

            Date of Sentence: 12/09/1994

            Date of Execution: 11/12/2013

            Date of Offense: 05/23/1986

            Date of Sentence: 07/31/1989

            Date of Execution: 10/15/2013

            Date of Offense: 01/31/1988, 3/11/1988

            Date of Sentence: 04/03/1990

            Date of Execution: 10/1/2013

            Date of Offense: 07/27/1977, 01/07/1978

            Date of Sentence: 05/27/1983 (final resentencing)

            Date of Execution: 08/5/2013

            Date of Offense: 06/24/1987

            Date of Sentence: 12/21/1988

            Date of Execution: 06/12/2013

            Date of Offense: 10/28/1990

            Date of Sentence: 04/19/1992

            Date of Execution: 05/29/2013

            Date of Offense: 11/04/1980

            Date of Sentence: 03/26/1981

            Date of Execution: 04/10/2013

Click here to visit the Department of Corrections Execution List for more information.


Death Row:  There are currently 393 people on death row in Florida.

Click here to visit the Department of Corrections Death Row Roster for more information.