Proposed Legislation 2015

Florida Capital Resource Center's Legilsative Watch

This page was created to inform the public of important legislative activity in Tallahassee that is either specific to capital litigation or that will significantly affect Florida's criminal justice system as a whole.  Working with others, FCRC helps support certain legislative initiatives in the areas of capital justice and criminal procedure aimed to protect the rights of Florida's indigent defendants.

The following is a list of bills we are watching for the Spring 2015 Legislative Session: 


Unanimous Sentencing in Capital Felonies: Requires that the finding of aggravating circumstances and an advisory sentence of death come from a unanimous jury rather than the current "simple majority" rule.  Florida Capital Resource Center SUPPORTS this act.


Jury Composition in Life Felony Cases - Requires a 12-member jury for life felony cases.  Currently 12-member juries are used only for capital felonies; 6-member juries are used in all other criminal cases.  


Prosecution of Juveniles - Prohibiting/limiting the direct filing of an information in adult court on juveniles.  


Police and Citizen Protection Act - Recording of Law Enforcement Activities: Requires uniformed officers assigned primarily to patrol duties to be equipped with body cameras.



A strong democracy requires the participation of the People.  Be sure to keep up with the legislative session by visiting the Florida House of Representatives and the Florida Senate on the web!  We encourage you to write your representatives to express the importance of the above bills.  To find out who your representatives are in each house, click here: